How do I add or remove a name to my deed?

Adding someone on your deeds will make them a co-owner.  Removing them means that they will no longer own interest in the property.  

Adding a person to or removing them from a deed can be accomplished by creating a new deed.  If you are adding someone to your deed, this will convey an interest in the property to this person.  When you remove a person, they will no longer have any ownership in the property.  In both cases, all current owners must sign the deed.  While there is no law prohibiting you from creating your own deed, we strongly recommend that you consult an attorney.  A simple mistake could greatly affect your ownership.  Once the new deed is created, it should be recorded at the Registry of Deeds.  The current filing fee is $155.  The Registry also charges $1 per document for postage unless you provide a stamped self-addressed envelope.