How do I get a copy of my deed?

All of our records are accessible to the public via our web site (Registry Search).  Copies can be purchased online and downloaded to your computer.  The cost is a statutory $1 per page and payment is by credit card. 

Most property can be found in the ‘Recorded Land Inquiry’ section.  If you cannot find your documents there, try ‘Land Court Inquiry’.  Also, some documents are recorded in both departments, so it is best to look in both departments.  Online indices are complete back to September 29, 1939 for Recorded Land.  All Land Court records have been entered. 

While there is an option to search by street address, we suggest you search our records by name, as street number and street name may not retrieve all entries.  An example would be a lot that had not been issued a street number prior to the time of purchase.  The seller of a property is the grantor of the deed, the buyer is the grantee.  All records can be found using either the grantor or grantee name(s). 

To retrieve only certain document types, use Image Search under Advanced Search.  This will enable you to search for a particular document type within a particular range. Please keep in mind that this office records only documents that pertain to ownership.  Any information not included on the recorded document would not be available at this office.

If you need assistance using the website or have any other questions, feel free to call us at 508-822-0502.  Press 0 when the recording begins.  Clerks are available 8am-4pm Monday – Friday.